Taekwondo Drug Testing

Every athlete which will participate in any athletic events including Taekwondo tournaments are sanctioned to undergo drug testing which is to be performed solely by their respective Anti-Doping Agency which practices the Protocol for Olympic Movement Testing.

In the past, there were already several athletes who have been sanctioned by the board and were not allowed to participate in Taekwondo tournament because they failed this drug test. So it is a must that every Taekwondo athlete should never refer to the use of drugs just to enhance your potentials.

History of Drug Tests amongst Athletes:
The history of drug test amongst athletes originated during the Summer Olympic Games which involves Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson in their 100m dash competition. Ben Johnson crossed the finish line in a remarkable finish which made him the fastest man alive but this was soon disregarded after he was positively diagnosed to have anabolic steroids in his system a week after the competition.

This revelation prompted the Olympic Game organizers to have urine drug screens on its participants so as to guarantee that fairness and equality will remain in the competition. Drugs which are prohibited to be used by these athletes include stimulant drugs, beta blockers, masking agents and anabolic androgenic steroids. These drugs are known to help increase and enhance the athletic performance of athletes after they are taken but will also result to several negative side effects which are detrimental to the athletes’ health in the long run.

How is the drug test performed?
The drug test will take place at any time during the competition. The athlete is unaware when it will take place but a Doping Control representative will notify the athlete if the time for his or her drug testing has been scheduled. He or she will then be required to comply with the policies and arrive at the Doping Control Station so he or she can proceed with the drug test procedure.

The Doping Control Representative allows him or her to bring a chaperone but the athlete should remain in the sight of the DC representative all throughout the drug testing procedure.

What will happen if the athlete refuses to take the random doping test?
Any athlete who refuses to take the random doping test will be duly sanctioned by the Organization in charge of the event and may receive an athletic suspension of two years such as what has happened to Park Hyo Ji, a South Korean Taekwondo athlete.

How to pass the required drug test for Taekwondo athletes?
There is no safer way to pass the urine test for Taekwondo athletes than to do practice a clean and healthy lifestyle. In the end you will be the sole benefactor of your healthy living. Do not fool yourself because honour and prestige which is earned through hard work is always sweeter compared to something acquired through deception. If in doubt, consult the list of banned substances and supplements which are available in all area agencies. Again always cover yourself, if you are taking something that isn’t on the accepted list, that doesn’t mean it has no performance enhancing properties. Write to your Governing Doping Agency to get the all clear prior to starting a new or unknown supplement.

Keep in mind the Five Tenets of Taekwondo. Be true to your oath as a student and live the principles of you were taught.

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