Tonsil Stones and Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drips or PNDs are nothing but excess of drainage coming from nose and which can also enter the back side of the throat. One of the symptoms of post nasal drip occurrence is the presence of tonsilloliths or tonsil stones and throat irritation. Post nasal drips along with tonsil stones are known to improve the tonsil stone size and frequency of tonsil stone occurrence.

Many buy nasal irrigation units to flush the nasal passage regularly as they know that diseases feed on the mucus that runs down at the back region of the throat. It is a fact that post nasal drips can make the disease flourish and help them grow further. It is so because the protein in the mucus gets absorbed by the disease and feed them with nourishment to grow. Hence it is very important to get rid of mucus produced in the nose and passes through the nasal passages. The nasal irrigation units and other nasal clearing kits focus on flushing out the nasal passages by removing huge quantities of bacterial and mucus.

Treating post nasal drips that feed the diseases are very easy and simple with some kits. The kits provide information on how to prepare saline solution using water and salt and also provide information on how to use or administer them. Once they are administered, excess mucus, dust and allergens are eliminated and results in good breath as bad breath too is eliminated. On the whole it boosts the general health of the person.

There are certain simple ways by which post nasal drips can be rectified or cured. Some of the easiest methods include drinking huge quantities of water, staying away from sugars and dairy products to the maximum, consuming Sudafed which can be got from any of the drug stores for getting relief and using nasal irrigators to get rid of post nasal drips.

There are other preventive measures that also can be carried out easily they include avoiding mouthwashes with alcohol base, avoiding alcoholic beverages or drinks as they can encourage bad bacteria to grow in the disease. Dairy products and milk too should be avoided. The sufferers need to follow a proper oral or mouth hygiene, floss the teeth, brush the gums, scrap the tongues to minimize the effects of bacteria. Salt water gargling and using oxygenated mouth washes too can help in minimizing the delirious effects of post nasal drips and disease.

Home Remedies for Curing Tonsil Stones
Tonsillectomy not only can lead to various health problems later but also does not come at a cheaper price. The surgery can also hinder day to day activities for some time. Hence, it is avoided most often. In fact, there are natural and scientifically proven ways to get rid of tonsil stones so they never return. It’s absolutely not necessary to go for a long, drawn out surgery or wasting your money on expensive nasal sprays and tablets.

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