Insurance Jobs in the Health Care Field

Insurance jobs in the health care field are widely spread over the newest and most innovative companies. In fact, some of the best and most hotly desired jobs for RN and LPN’s are freelance jobs in the insurance industry. It’s growing rapidly and there are a great many jobs which are available to RN’s, LPN’s and even to nursing assistance or to lab technicians.

Many insurance companies these days want their own nursing staff to help to review care plans, hospital care, to do insurance physicals and questionnaires and even to assist in administrating the insurance forms and divisions. These nursing professionals help to determine the kind of care that is necessary and what level of care may be paid for by the insurance company. They also help to decide what care is palliative and which will be helpful to the client.

Today RN nurses are managers of individual cases, as well as help to plan for long term care of the patients that are covered by their insurance. RN case management insurance jobs are one of the top paying insurance company jobs in the health care field. Not only do these positions pay remarkably well, but they also permit you to work from home in many cases, or to work your own set hours so that you can work around your schedule.

Caseload management isn’t really a factor in the insurance jobs in nursing such as it would be in home health or hospital care nursing. Typically you will not have to attend to more patients than you can handle as you might in another nursing facility, and given the lucrative pay of the hospital nursing, there is no shortage of insurance jobs nurses to deal with on a day to day basis.

LPNs are eligible for health care case management, as well as to offer insurance physicals, to do home visits and to assist in other areas of client care determination. In fact, some insurance companies do not offer physicals through a doctor or hospital, but ask that their own staff do the insurance physicals on all of their clients. This is a cost savings for the insurance company as well as for the patient.

Insurance jobs in healthcare may also hire other health care workers including social workers, and even home health assistants. These positions require various training and skills, but each will also require that the nurse or nursing assistant has long-term training that is ongoing, for so many continuing educational credits each year.

If you’re interested in a great deal more autonomy, in working your own hours and in working as a paid consultant to insurance companies, insurance jobs are available to you in the health care field. Each has different requirements, but most will pay far more than you may expect to make in nursing home or in hospital or physician’s office nursing.

You are required to have your RN, LPN, or nursing assistant certification in your state of practice and to maintain continuing education credits to remain current in your licensure, as well as to be graduated from an accredited school of nursing or nursing assistance in order to apply.

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