The Healing Sound In Christian Music

A person’s soul is a place that could often need inner healing if it is exposed to traumatic events. Scientific research has proven that our cells in the bodies have a memory to them and if someone is exposed to such a negative impact it could potentially damage the soul leaving scars. With this potential damage to the soul there is a musical remedy that still exists today. The example is in the Bible where it gives a written account of the healing power from the sound of a harp as it is played by David unto the LORD.

King Saul had an evil spirit that was given permission by God to torment him, and whenever David was called upon by Saul to play his harp the evil spirit would depart him. 1st Samuel 16:23. There is something extremely special about the harp as it is even mentioned in the New Testament book of Revelation. Revelation 5:8. Here we find there are harps in heaven played by the twenty elders. This music of the harp definitely carries a very special place in the heart of the LORD. Harps have always been around, but now there are Christian music companies today manufacturing harps for born again believers. It is believed that these harps being produced will once again be played continually when the Lord Yeshua returns to rule the earth in the soon coming 1,000 year reign.

With Christian music there is a style that is known as soaking music. This style of music can vary a lot in its ways from simple acoustic melodies, rhythmic soothing sounds, stringed instruments, soft vocals and Holy scriptures sang or spoken over the melody. However we must use caution about what music we listen to for just like food can be good or bad to our body depending on the source of it, so it is the same way with music to our soul. It is important to feed our soul with a good pure source by staying away from any music influenced by new age spirits.

If your soul needs healing take some time today to first get in the Word of God. Man cannot live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4 Then find pure Christian music that when equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit it can heal the soul. Blessed are those who do meditate upon His Word. See Psalm 1. May you find this healing Christian Music today.

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