LPN Careers – The Career of Choice in Today’s Economy

Today, the United States economy is in pretty bad shape after being hit by the global crisis. The only industry that remains to grow is the health care industry. And because health issues are here to stay in this decaying planet, we can expect the health care industry to continue to grow in the coming years. Having this fact said, it becomes obvious that a career in this field will be your best shot at having a good future.

One option available to any aspiring individual is a LPN career. What does LPN stand for? LPN is an acronym that means Licensed Practical Nurses. Another acronym used to mean the same thing is LVN, which is short for Licensed Vocational Nurses. What does it entail to reach LPN status? You must have at least completed ONE year of master’s degree in nursing in order to qualify to become an LPN. Further studies are required if you desire to enter a professional nursing career.

LPN careers are very lucrative. Nurses, aside from physicians, are one of the most highly paid professionals in the labor force. LPN careers offer great fulfillment in that you get paid for helping someone who has health issues. You hit two birds with one stone.

LPN careers offer a working environment where they can learn the ropes of working in a health care industry. They are under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses and even doctors. LPN careers, in this way, are somewhat like trainee positions that prepare them for the more demanding jobs.

Learning on the job is assured with a License Practical Nurse careers! You have hands-on training and direct involvement in patient care. LPNs are assigned tasks that include feeding, pre-operative procedures, discharge processes, administration of injections and enemas, dressing and care of wounds and injuries, and even the simple task of encouraging patients when preparing them for a surgery or a procedure especially when their levels of fear are at a high. LPN careers result in well-rounded individuals who can, in the future, make good and firm decisions in the workplace and out of it.

LPN careers are financially lucrative. Even though the level is a training position, the average pay is quite high. This allows LPNs to fund their further studies so they can be promoted to the next career level. A registered nurse’s salary is a high jump from an LPN’s.

LPN careers are available in many work environments such as hospitals, small healthcare facilities, medical clinics, and the like. In addition to this, some LPN careers open opportunities of getting jobs to work in patient’s homes. This easily translates to a higher salary for the LPN.

These types of careers are definitely worth your money and time. Not only does it ensure you of a bright future, but it gives you the fulfillment of being able to make a difference (hopefully a positive one) in a person’s life. Don’t think twice about choosing a License Practical Nurse career! Grab the opportunity while demand is still high!

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