“Take the Step the Bridge Will Be There”, by Grace Cirocco – Book Review

A book review of “inspiration and guidance for moving your life forward” as the book cover states, written by Grace Cirocco, speaker, training consultant and personal coach. This book is based on the concept that “action (take the step) and faith (the bridge will be there) are the two most important ingredients for getting what you want.”

The author’s work in this book is to inspire and direct the reader using various methods to get you where you want to be in life. It is her intent to trigger the right questions for the reader to ask, through reading the stories, quotes, and doing the exercises, in order to move forward.  A lack of belief in ourselves or a fear of taking action even if we do believe is what prevents us from moving forward in a lot of cases. This link between faith and action is what is required ultimately to succeed. Both are necessary, not one or the other. The book is divided into two main areas; Part One covers the necessary groundwork for taking action, while Part Two is all about practicing the things to keep the action going.

Taking the step involves action, the author covers key areas that are essential for meaningful and purposeful steps to move forward. These include authenticity, truth, destiny, passion and courage. Next she takes the reader through areas to understand to keep the momentum going. These are embracing faith, healing the past, esteem the self, practice love and connect to spirit.

Each of these areas that are addressed come with stories from the author’s life, her family as well as the lives of those she has coached and taught. As well there are plenty of exercises to help the reader ask his/her own questions on this journey. Trying to capture all the aspects of one’s life that are critical to success is a difficult undertaking for a single book but her use of multiple methods to bring home the essence of the message makes it all work, There is something for everyone in this book, from the hands on exercises to the stories that give examples.

I preferred the first half of the book, Take the Step over the second half, The Bridge Will Be There. While both sections are informative, the second half seems to be a bit long and drawn out in delivering the message.

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