Healing Prayers to Rout Uterine Fibroids

1. I curse you fibroid tumors by fire of the Holy Spirit and decree that you dry up from your roots, in Jesus Name.
(Place your right hand on your abdomen, touching the growth and repeating this prayer 7x)

2. By Holy Ghost fire, I cut off any other tumor or growth in my uterus, tubes or ovaries, in Jesus Name

3. I destroy by Holy Spirit fire, every evil force or familiar spirit behind these fibroids, in Jesus Name.

4. I balance all my body hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol), In Jesus Name.

5. I proclaim, declare and decree that my womb is back to normal size, structure and function, In Jesus Name.

6. I Confess and claim that my body works in perfect anatomy, biochemistry and normal physiology as God intended, in Jesus’ Name.

7. Any disease, disorder, lesion, infection, infestation or microform that touches my body dies from the source, In Jesus Name.

8. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and every degeneration, disease, disorder, infection or growth that comes to my body withers away, in Jesus Name.

9. I invoke the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus to detoxify my uterus, birth canal, Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

10. Let the healing and redeeming power of the blood of Jesus Christ to melt away all fibroid growth, debris, contamination, abnormal discharge, excessive menstrual bleeding, irregularity or cloths.

11. Let the burden removing, yoke destroying anointing of the Holy Ghost counter all inflammation, pain, discomfort, swelling or pressures as a result of the symptoms of these fibroid tumors in Jesus Name.

12. I immunize my blood stream, uterus and reproductive organs with the supernatural blood of Jesus Christ.

13. Lord Jesus, thank you for the miraculous healing of these fibroids because you are my deliverer and great physician.

14. Because Healing is the Children’s bread, I thank you Lord for my permanent healing as a blood-bought, blood-washed covenant child of God.

15. I bless my uterus and release God’s blessing, peace, mercy and grace over my womb and reproductive organs, in Jesus Name.

16. I receive supernatural transfusion of Jesus blood to correct the anemia of blood loss from these fibroids.

17. Lord, restore by your divine justice all (time, money, energy, health) that I have lost as a result of the fibroids.

I thank God for these prayers offered in the mighty and miraculous name of Jesus Christ, my Great Physician.

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