Other Jobs for Nursing Majors

Jobs for nursing majors don’t always mean toiling in a hospital or a clinic. For those who are already registered nurses, or RNs, the world offers various careers if you wish to explore other fields and still practice what you’ve learned. Among the alternative opportunities for RNs are staffing agency manager, legal nursing consultant, and cruise ship medical team member.

Staffing agencies continue to grow in their need for nurses to be deployed locally and internationally. An RN would work ideally as a recruitment manager for them, since he or she would be capable of explaining the screening process and of selecting the right candidate for specific client hospitals or clinics. They would know the credentials and other skills needed for a children’s hospital. They’d also be able to detect who can last the pressures of working in medical establishments for the elderly. If you’ve got at least two years of experience as a supervisor in a health care facility, in addition to your basic credentials as an RN, you can very well do a job like this. This career also seems to have a good future, since the need to recruit nurses seems to be going strong worldwide.

Among the other jobs a registered nurse who’s looking for a challenging post is a legal nursing consultant. As the position implies, you will work on matters like lawsuits and claims related to medical practices, products, and systems. You’ll work hand in hand with lawyers to help them prove cases on medical malpractice, insurance claims, and others. But to be effective in a job like this, you might have to take supplementary legal classes or even work towards special certifications, depending on the requirements set by your local authorities.

However, a registered nurse doesn’t have to be stuck with serious and complicated work. There are also fun jobs a nurse with excellent qualifications can get – and with promising salary and perks, at that. One of them is a cruise ship medical team member. Large cruise ships transport hundreds of travelers of varying ages and cultures. From time to time, some of them need to be attended for simple medical needs. And the risk of being at sea for a number of days is always present, of course. This is why these luxury transportation companies employ medical teams that are always ready on board. These opportunities are usually found through international staffing agencies.

So if you think that as a registered nurse, you have very limited choices. You need to think again, definitely. Especially with more industries going global these days, you’ll find more exciting opportunities where you can practice your education and experience.

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