Yeast Test Methods – What Has Muscle Testing To Do With Candida?

I was doing some muscle testing called kinesiology last week. Someone got interested and asked me about yeast test method. Basically, it is a test done by naturopath or herbalist who will pull on your muscle and determine the strength of the bond. You have to hold herbs against your body and hold your thumb and index fingers together while he determines it. If the two fingers are easily released then your body doesn’t need this, and if the two fingers are hard to break apart then your body does need them.

I found that the herbalist I use is much better than the naturopath. The prescription given by my naturopath made me sick and it wasn’t die-off. He also failed to recognize my situation as a Candida problem even though I went to him for just that reason and emphatically stated to him that that was why I was there. All I really wanted from the naturopath was the Great Smokies stool test. I may go back to the naturopath to have more testing done later, but I feel so confident with the herbalist who also does iridology. In fact, last week she let me look at my eyes through her high powered magnifying lenses and I was shocked to see how “green” my brown eyes were around the edges. I have done a lot of cleansing and its apparently working.

What has muscle testing to do with Candida? Actually muscle testing doesn’t diagnose a problem, it only helps prescribe the remedy, sort of speak. Iridology is really what helped diagnose. What really has something to do with the Candida is colostrum. Colostrum kills tons of things including yeast. The stool test that I did showed I had high levels of a certain pathogenic bacteria and colostrums will kill this as well.

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