The Rise Of Corporate Influence

The world today is still faced with a major health crisis, international terrorism and major inflation.. The reactions to these crisis has been a case study of how not to respond to a major outbreak of a potentially deadly virus, international terrorism and inflation. While some governments have on the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak ushered in many of the correct procedures to mintage the collateral damage to their population. But, sadly not enough countries adhered to policies that would keep an epidemic from turning into a full blown Pandemic, reduce the threat of terrorism and avoided the inflationary trends of today.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis governments had an opportunity to follow through on what many in the medical community have called a breakthrough in vaccine development. What the pharmaceutical industry did in response to Operation Warp Speed was rush through a synthetic mRNA compound in the process of developing a vaccine. The recent pill form of the Covid-19 treatment also contains this same synthetic mRNA compound. Had the Pharmaceutical industry followed the same formula in developing past vaccines the controversies that have surfaced wouldn’t be so widespread.

Today, when medical treatments are available they always come with warning of various side effects. Some are more serious than others. What we are seeing with the government and many in the medical community with their zealous appeal to the public to get this experimental vaccine there have been unreported deaths, underreported serious side effects and more instances of continued Covid-19 infections, all attributed to the vaccine itself. Meanwhile the pandemic rages on for mostly those being vaccinated.

It really isn’t that amazing that many in the medical field have allied themselves with the Pharmaceutical industry in accepting this new drug. A drug that is supposed to be the great savior of the Covid-19 pandemic. With governments complicity with the Pharmaceutical industry have only exasperated the global health crisis. As a result of governments insistence on vaccinating as many people as possible with this systematic experimental vaccine more cases of Covid-19 are resurfacing and the side effects after being inoculated have only gotten worse. Countries all over the world who thought this vaccine would put an end to the rise of infection rates are now facing worse case scenarios..

It has been a known fact that the overall health of the United States population has steadily declined just within the past 40 years. The industrialization of our food sources along with the rapidly rise of income disparity where more people have reduced incomes have all attributed to immune systems inability to fend off infections. So, what we are seeing today is that when a potentially dangerous virus erupts more people fall victim to infection. And compound that when an experimental vaccine is used to counteract this virus without the proper procedures to ensure it’s safety and effectiveness there in lies the recipe for disaster, as what the world is experiencing today.

From the onset of this current Pandemic many have concluded that using this Global Health crisis as a way for the Pharmaceutical Industries to gain financially. And, they actually are. As unprepared by the world’s leading economies for such a colossal scourge that this virus is doing having the Pharmaceutical industry rapidly develop a drug to combat Covid-19 is proving a financial coup-de-gras.

People like Bill Gates and others have influenced the media and our own government to endorse the vaccines that the Pharmaceutical industry has developed. As a result government especially in the US have officially adopted it’s use and is using unconstitutional means to force people to be inoculated with this experimental drug. We don’t have to look far to find that our own government is now using a form of domestic terrorism on it’s own citizens.

There are many unanswered questions that have to do when developing antidotes for various diseases and viruses. But what the public is seeing today even though not being reported by the main stream media the risks now are greater in being inoculated with this experimental drug than being exposed to Covid-19. The corporate influence of today continues to reached into the halls of government and the media. And, the greatest coverup of medical science has only begun.

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