Stress Is the Killer

Nature-Based Virtual Reality content is an innovative and unique methodology that decreases stress and anxiety levels, without using toxic drug therapies.

STRESS is the killer. We know that by reducing stress and anxiety recovery periods for patients within therapeutic facilities are shortened, whether the diagnosis reflects physiological or psychological imbalances. If you thought it was possible to cut 10{b8199d4e76d5c4c4a9fa89ec04f495f77a40e6e04d2b7b455e3b26e8fd6a6d2e} off patient care expenditures using a non-invasive, low-cost stress reduction protocol implementing Virtual Reality would you not try it? Nature-Based 360-VR content will enable therapeutic facilities to engage their patients with the opportunity of experiencing being outside in Nature while confined within a Therapeutic facility. The result will be lowered stress and anxiety levels, increased well-being and quicker recovery periods for healing physical and emotional imbalances. Simply put people heal faster, feel better when stress and anxiety levels are lowered without the use of costly and detrimental drugs.

Whatever protocols you adhere to within your therapeutic facility consider incorporating Virtual Reality as a way to support and nurture your already existing treatment methodology. Relative to implementing new healing methodologies the cost factor for utilizing Virtual Reality protocol is very little in the scheme of scientific research studies especially in lieu of the healthcare savings and benefits one will glean by simply lowering stress levels. The strategy is to educate practitioners working in Therapeutic facilities to better understand and implement Nature-Based VR-content as a beneficial holistic healing procedure. Destinations for the implementation of VR-content are Therapeutic facilities, Hospice Care, Senior citizen Residences as well as Home usage.

You may ask why? How can VR-Nature experiences provide me with a similar experience that I would get from a walk along a stream or the beach? The answer; the power of Virtual Reality produces the same physiological and psychological results on the body-mind connection as physically spending time somewhere out in Nature. Of course, it’s not the same and not meant to take the place of experiencing Nature first-hand. The premise is to enable folks that are in Therapeutic facilities that cannot physically get out into Nature due to physical and emotional challenges, to at least experience the beauty and healing effects that Nature can transmit with the use of 360-VR. Being totally immersed in Nature is now something one can experience while home, in Therapeutic facilities, Hospice as well as for all urban dwellers whom can’t seem to find the time to get out into Nature.

I think it is correct to say that all Humans are greatly inspired and humbled by the miracle we are part and parcel of, Nature. If we take that concept one step further we begin to see that its Nature fundamental essence most of us lack in our daily diet. Nature has 0 calories per serving and provides you with beauty, joy, and most of all, peace of mind. Take a healthy virtual serving of Nature, 5 minutes twice a day, minimum.

Last but not least, careful attention must be made as to what types of prescriptive environments will nurture as opposed to exacerbate a person’s overall well-being. Just as a doctor would prescribe antibiotics for one patient and pain medication for another, virtual realities must be carefully created and executed to impart the curative powers of Nature herself. VR content is already being implemented to effectively treat burn victims, PTSD patients, phobias as well as a host of many other conditions that undermine the health and well-being of many of us around the planet.

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