Say Yes to an Online Psychology Degree

Is it really possible to obtain an online psychology degree? The answer is yes. From an accredited college? Again, the answer is yes. A career in psychology is both lucrative and exciting. Someone with a degree in psychology can expect to work in a healthcare field or in psychology research fields. But, did you know that it’s also a nice way to enter the business world? Every job, no matter what it is, involves aspects of human behavior that often times requires psychological counseling. Many businesses, schools and most governmental institutions offer psychological counseling for employees.

An online psychology degree program can offer any level from a certificate to a doctorate. To obtain a degree in psychology, basic course work must of course be accomplished. This can include, but may not be limited to, courses in biology, the social sciences, research methodologies, behavioral psychology and clinical science. Fields of psychology can incorporate child psychology, the sports fields, clinical settings, schools and others. Statistics show that there will be an increasing demand for those holding psychology degrees through the year 2014, mostly because of the rapid growth in the health care fields and industries. Those who hold doctoral degrees in psychology can expect careers in counseling and school psychology. An online psychology degree can give you the jump-start you need to be competitive in the marketplace in the future. The average beginning salary for a school psychologist these days is roughly $54,000 a year. An organization’s psychologist can earn a much higher income, at $71,000.

An accredited online psychology degree holds as much respect and weight as a degree obtained through a traditional college setting. More and more people are taking advantage of accredited online psychology degree programs because they are convenient for today’s busy lifestyles. An online psychology degree includes the same coursework and requirements that a college campus degree program offers. A bachelor’s or a Master’s online psychology degree is now within reach of anyone willing to spend the time and effort to earn it. Location is no longer a factor. Neither is time. Students are able to choose the time they study and no longer have to worry about balancing work schedules and family responsibilities in favor of a college education. Gone are the days when the only courses offered online were technical trade school coursework. Today, it’s possible to earn just about any kind of degree online that is made available to those who attend a physical campus.

An online psychology degree program will have the same entrance requirements that a college campus will, and will include the same coursework, study guides and support material that is offered at a traditional campus. While online coursework may require a student to travel somewhere to complete specialized training or lectures, it’s certainly made easier by the fact that the majority of course work for an online psychology degree can be done at the convenience of the student, in a setting that provides an optimal learning environment, a student’s own home.

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