Questions About God – How Does God Heal Today?

Does God Have The Power To Heal

By the very fact that God is God, and that He has created everything, we can rightly assume that the power to fix creation is within His scope of operation. Healing a human body is a simpler task than creating creation itself. Thus, we must accept the fact that God has the power to heal.

Is God Willing To Heal

As the designer and builder of creation we must assume that God has a special love for His work. When a child paints a picture or builds a toy out of LEGO, they have placed their time, energy, and love into that article. This is the same for God. Humans are designed in God’s image. In many ways, we mirror God’s character. When a child’s toy is broken, the first instinct for that child is for it to be fixed. Following this simple illustration, it is not difficult to conceive that God would desire for a hurt, sick, or broken human being to be healed.

Parameters For Healing Humans

You may ask, “Why doesn’t God just come and heal us instantly when we get sick?” The answer is straight forward; God will never initiate a divine act upon humans without their involvement. He created Earth and handed it over to the humans. The way God intervenes within human affairs now is for the humans to invite God to do so!

There are simple parameters in which we function to avail God with the opportunity to heal us.

1. We must accept the fact that God has the unlimited power to heal us
2. We must accept the fact that God has a strong desire to heal us
3. We must ask God to heal us within the guidelines of His will

God Had A Son

If we follow Christian understanding, we see that God sent a Son into this world to heal humans. The Roman Catholic Church believes in the sacrament of healing. Many Protestant Christian churches believe in healing also.

How Did Christ Heal

Jesus was given power by God to heal sick people. If we read the four books of the bible known as the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we see Christ healing the sick who came to Him. Jesus was called “Christ” which means anointed or empowered one.

How Does God Heal Today

The same power that God gave to Jesus to heal the sick has been given to the church that loves and follows God’s Son, Jesus Christ. God heals through everyday believers who follow His Son. Believers in Jesus are called “Christians” meaning, Christ ones, or anointed ones, or empowered ones of God.

How Does A Christian Heal

The simplest way for a Christian to heal a sick person is for them to receive God’s power to heal and then to allow that power to flow into a sick person, for their healing. The Holy Spirit was the power in Christ, the Holy Spirit is the same power in Christians to heal sick people.

How does the power come out of a Christian to heal others? As a Christian believes that the power of God (Holy Spirit Anointing) abides in them, and they see what Jesus used to do to release the power (see the bible), the power does the work. A Christian may talk to God daily to welcome His power for healing to fill their lives. As the Christian meets a sick person they may ask, “Would you like me to pray for you?” if the person agrees, the Christian will place their hand on the person, close their eyes, see Jesus praying for sick people, believe that the same power that flowed through Jesus, is now flowing through them, and speak to the sickness to be healed. It is that simple.

Is This Too Simple For You

Jesus said for us to come to God like children. He was referring to our simple childlike belief. As we see God able, willing and active today in the healing business, we give God the opportunity to heal us. The process was never meant to be complicated. The less complicated, the better. Faith, belief and working with God requires us to think like a child.

One Simple Step For Healing

Find a Christian who talks to God daily and asks for healing power; ask this Christian to pray for you to be healed!

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