Mudra Yoga for Sexual Partners

Throughout Mudra Yoga, you will find two words for the different postures a yogi takes on. The initial position is call asana, which basically means resting. In Sanskrit, a throne or any type of seat is also called an asana. For that reason, setting your body in motion to get into diverse bodily stations mimics a seat, either for your body physically or for your soul, or self. On the other hand, postures may be known as mudras because they entail great mental focus as well as physical prowess. One interesting kind of Mudra Yoga is sexual Mudra Yoga, exactly where the life powers sealed inside our body are released and bring about intense connectivity with a partner. Appropriately utilized, specific varieties of mudras meant to gratify an entangled couple can encourage happiness and good sexual health.

One common approach is the Shiva Shakti Mudra. The particular spiritual theory behind the posture is that energy from the earth and sky is summoned and brought inwards to the heart and then outwards again to a partner. To perform this mudra, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees bent slightly. Take a few deep breaths. While inhaling, move your arms up out of your sides, the earth, in a scooping motion, to the head area. Around the exhalation, bring the gathered energy from the sky down from your head, passing the face, and straight down to the earth again. After this action is executed quite a few times, engage your partner, as your power ought to be revitalized and not tired.

Together with your partner, both of you should perform the action in unison, but when your arms are raised, extend your arms and hands out towards each other. Maneuvering together as a single unit perpetuates a collective sexual drive. Out of this commencing point you and your lover may be able to proceed into your favorite sexual activities knowing that your energies have been locked together through touching. Touching ignites energy partners and sends unconscious signals which may be employed to communicate a lover’s intent. Tantric Mudra Yoga starts out using simple movements and may end with sexual union.

Depending on the choices of your partner, you may want to use another well known sexual mudra called Lingam Mudra. Push two fingers on two different parts of your partner’s sexual organs, either the lingam, scrotum, the space in between the scrotum and the anus, or the anal opening. Kneading with two fingers in two different spots in unison may possibly either be a precursor to normal lovemaking exercise, like the Shiva Shakti Mudra, or a genuine sexual stimulation. Whichever preference you and your partner opt to practice is beneficial to your physical, emotional, relationship, spiritual health. Sexual Mudra Yoga is a potent approach in which a yogi shares his inner energy.

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