Internet Pornography Addictions and the Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Child Custody Case

By now everyone has heard about the scandalous details in the Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley divorce and child custody case. But if you haven’t seen the news coverage the short version goes like this. Peter Cook, Christie Brinkly’s husband, reportedly had an Internet porn addiction and was reportedly spending up to $3000 a month on Internet porn sites and fetish dating sites called Adult Friend Finder. Mr Cook has admitted to masturbating while in an Internet video camera while another member of this online dating web site watched.

Ms Brinkley was able to obtain the billing records for these Internet dating services and admit them as evidence into her custody case. The judge was able to consider this evidence and ultimately awarded sole custody of the couples two children to Ms Brinlkey.

Being awarded sole custody in a child custody case is considered a huge victory. Especially in cases where there is no evidence of criminal activity, physical or sexual abuse or substance abuse such and drug or alcohol addictions. It would appear that other than an admission by Mr Cook that he had an affair with a very young employee, the only mark used against him was his Internet Porn addiction.

Not everyone involved in custody battles will get the same day in court as Ms Brinkley. The average person simply does not have the money and notoriety to get a fair trial in court. Most people involved in a Family Court custody hearing will get a brief review of their case and a rushed order from a judge filled with errors and inequity. Most people would agree that the Family Court system is flawed and in the end it’s always the children that suffer.

There are cost effective resources that the average person can utilize when involved in a child custody case and they suspect their spouse may have an Internet porn addiction. There are online investigation services that can take the suspected parents email address’s and search all the online dating services until they locate the personal ad memberships of the other parent. These investigations will also uncover social networking sites like Myspace and Friendster and will include some porn sites also. As we see in the Brinkley vs Cook case, evidence of a porn addiction or participation in sites with a sexual fetish like Adult Friend Finder can influence the outcome of a custody case.

An online dating service investigation can uncover some very extreme sexual fetishes such as bondage, auto asphyxiation and self mutilation. Profiles on these sites may also include admissions or references to drug use, addictions,and possibly even crimes. Recently one search of online dating services produced a picture on MySpace the defendants 5 year old girl posing with a hand gun.

Obviously the parent that was supervising the child and took the picture and posted it on their secret MySpace page was in for a huge surprise at his custody hearing.

If you are involved in a custody battle and you suspect that your ex has an Internet porn addiction and may be involved in a secret life of extreme sexual fetish dating sites you can order an online infidelity investigation by searching Google. There are some very reliable services that offer such an investigation. You can begin your search for an investigator by Googling “online Infidelity Investigation” . But before hiring a PI make sure they are considered an expert in this field. Do your homework by Googling the name of the investigator and the name of they company. Make sure they are considered an expert in this field.

Whether you have already become involved in a custody trial or are just contemplating divorce and suspect your spouse may have an Internet porn addiction an online infidelity investigation will surely be needed to protect yourself and your children’s future.

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