Considering Network Marketing?

“You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows” — Bob Dylan

A lot of very qualified people are suddenly finding themselves with a pink slip in their hands. Let’s hope they have an alternate source of income!

A distinguished professor at a major state university recently announced that of his students, 80{b8199d4e76d5c4c4a9fa89ec04f495f77a40e6e04d2b7b455e3b26e8fd6a6d2e} of them, have no job offers waiting when they graduate. This is in May, 2010, when we’re supposed to be in a “recovery”!

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, many professional positions can be outsourced to low-cost countries. Professional credentials and higher education won’t protect you in a 24/7 global market competition. All that counts is production of the desired result — are you effective, efficient, and leveraged?

The writing is on the wall. A major change in the world economy is underway. Who will profit and who will perish?

Don’t Bother Looking for a Job — Create a Business!

With a dearth of jobs available in the U.S. and other countries suffering from the global crash in finance, many people may be considering network marketing.

They are on the right track. An entrepreneur needs to always be looking for ways to provide what the market is seeking. And what is in demand now? Ultimately, unemployed people are looking for a new source of income.

Author Robert Kiosaki calls network marketing “The Business of the 21st Century.” His friend Donald Trump has started an MLM company and billionaire Warren Buffet owns three.

Setting aside the various products offered by network marketing companies, isn’t a “viable opportunity” the real product the industry is offering?

Admittedly, judging what is a viable business opportunity is unfamiliar territory for the average newly unemployed person. Nevertheless, this is a skill that can be learned and must be learned to survive in the developing economic climate.

Many People Are Guided by False Assumptions

Our politicians have responded to the global popping of the debt bubble by offering more credit to the debtors. They are doing everything possible to convince the public that good times are once again right around the corner.

But, who will the wise person listen to? Will he or she take their cues from those who didn’t see the crash coming, or from those who did?

Those economists who predicted the current crash are now saying we are transitioning into a new era of employment — Self-employment. The old “job” model is on the way out. Your old outsourced job now resides in India or China.

The successful entrepreneur will be the one who can see the future before it is evident to the majority — and take action to position themselves in front of the wave of change.

The Difference Between A Business and a Job

Many unemployed people, when it becomes clear that the economy is not going to recover, may out of desperation start some enterprise based on selling their expertise or services. The limitation of this is that, usually they are just creating themselves another job. How will they ever retire? Take a vacation? Or earn enough to live the life of their dreams?

The problem with most self-employed businesses is that they have no leverage, unless the owner hires and is forced to manage employees who don’t have the business’ best interest at heart. Without the owner’s presence and labor, the business tends to fall apart.

Network marketing corrects this flaw in the usual self-employment paradigm. In creating a network of marketers, all have an equal opportunity to gain. Each member of the team is their own boss. The guy or gal at the “bottom” has the opportunity though their own efforts to earn more than the person who recruited them.

Admittedly, this is an unfamiliar way of earning a living for the former employee. Nevertheless, it works and is one of the few options open to them to create for themselves the income they are accustomed to — and even much more.

With 78 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. beginning to need to retire — for health reasons, if no other — there is a crying need for a simple home-based business that can support them. Network marketing is the business best qualified to fill this need — it requires only a small start-up investment, simple personal communication skills, and disciplined business habits.

What could be better suited to the skills and needs of this cohort of aging Boomers than referring friends and family members to health-enhancing products that they find benefit in?

With the costs of medical care escalating beyond the ability of most people to pay, many people are (re)turning to the nutritional and herbal methods of preserving health that have a long tradition of safety, effectiveness, and affordability. This creates a natural market for home-based entrepreneurs.

When faced with the choice of buying from the health food store at retail prices or buying the same or better product from a neighbor who can vouch for its efficacy, why shouldn’t we give our business to our neighbor?

And, when we have the choice between paying retail price for a product that will never pay us a commission and buying at wholesale and be qualified to build a business telling others about this effective product line, which will smart people choose?

Many people have an aversion to “selling” and receiving compensation for their recommendation. These same people will talk all day about the great product or service experience they had with XYZ company — and not get paid for it. As it becomes clear the old economy is never coming back, these folks will have to “get over it” and learn to confidently promote products they personally use — and get paid for it.

Let me just point out that Donald Trump and all the wealthy people I know have never been shy about receiving compensation for offering their expertise in choosing effective products and services. The poor and unemployed could do well to put this success habit to work for themselves through the affordable vehicle of network marketing.

Where the Huge Opportunity Lies

While even the little guy can succeed in a big way in network marketing, those already Internet-savvy business and marketing grads have the skills right now to take this business model and run with it. They probably have more contacts and credibility among a market segment with more money to spend on health and personal care products commonly distributed by MLM, also.

Realtors, former investment bankers, and salespeople are others who should be looking at the network marketing self-employment model. These people have the skills to do this business in a big way; this business has something this group desperately needs: global income diversification.

The trap for this group is the notion that MLM is a nickel-and-dime, door to door selling model. It may be hard to accept the reality that a multi-million dollar franchise can be built by purchasing a $499 distributor’s kit. (If I hadn’t seen this done over and over, I wouldn’t have believed it, either.)

Not all parts of the world are suffering. Some regions are actually prospering. Thanks to the Internet, the connected entrepreneur can diversify their income globally to protect themselves from future downturns.

This, together with the leverage of effort without employees, makes network marketing the best business model for those who aren’t content to wait for the economy to turn around. Indeed, those who are betting on an economic recovery may be in for a long wait.

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