Biblical Fragrance for Overall Health

Perfumes and fragrance have been around since well before the birth of Jesus Christ. However, it’s during this time that biblical fragrance became common place to use in the temples, churches and residences of the people. Biblical fragrance was very pure since it was made from the essence of the plants themselves. Some of the more popular scented oils of the time were of course, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and aloe.

Biblical fragrance had many uses that went far beyond just aromatics. These included healing ointments, anointing oils, and purifying incense, all of which are mentioned in several places in the Bible. These fragrance oils were used for religious ceremonies, rituals, medicinal purposes, for personal hygiene, personal pleasure and cosmetic use, for funeral rite purposes and even for oil lamps.

There were some oils and a particular Biblical fragrance that were for sacred use only. In fact, there is a passage in the Bible that states that God did not permit personal use of certain types of scented oils. If an individual used these oils for personal use, they would “be cut off from his people” (Exodus 30:37-38). Scented burning incense is stated in the Bible as part of prayer rituals and is indicative of the prayers going up into heaven to God.

At one time, most every perfume was an essential oil that had been produced for thousands of years including during Biblical times. These Biblical fragrances have turned into big business today and have spawned a real science that researches the plants the oils come from and exactly how their fragrance and properties aid human beings. Researchers can view the oil microscopically to determine the chemical make up so we can understand them in a scientific sense. We now do this with most every type of fruit and vegetable to determine its use for humans.

For example, a vegetable that we know to have powerful health benefits is garlic. It’s antibacterial and acts as an antibiotic as well. Cinnamon oil, clove oil and tea tree oil are all commonly sold in today’s pharmacies and treat a variety of conditions. In fact, herbology and aromatherapy are sciences that study plants and the healing benefits of their essential oils and how to apply them. Some oils are extremely powerful and if used incorrectly can have harmful and painful side effects. If a fragrance or essential oil is ingested orally, absorbed through the skin or inhaled, it can be either a healing experience or a damaging one.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten much of what we humans have learned in regard to plants and their healing properties. If you have a deep belief in the Bible and abiding faith in Biblical fragrance, it could be said that Satan wants to destroy people by physically, mentally, and spiritually breaking them down. In the Bible it states “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). This sentiment often holds true today.

Ultimately, the best health regime affects every aspect of a person’s health. You can start with a great diet, proper rest, enough exercise, staying positive, creating peace of mind, managing stress, living in a safe and clean environment, etc. Biblical fragrances are an extra burst of excellence for our wellness and our whole being.

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