A Heartbroken Poem to Heal Your Broken Heart

Most people will agree that being in a loving, happy relationship is amazing. Unfortunately, anybody who’s been through a break up also knows that the opposite is true: being heartbroken is miserly. It’s a time of missing everything about having a significant other-sharing your life together, planning the future, feeling adored.

Considering the healing power of words, it’s not surprising that writing a heartbroken poem is fairly common. Poems are great at helping us through tough times like break up and divorce. You may have written poems in similar situations like the loss of a family member or leaving friends behind. Nonetheless, few things inspire the writing of sad poetry as much as divorce or break up.

People turn to poetry because of the magic in this form of self-expression. It’s a way of purging the pain that’s in your heart, allowing it to flow right onto the page. When you’re writing a poem to help heal a broken heart, you don’t need to worry about how good it is or what others may think about it. You just write whatever you choose, whatever comes to you.

There are many different poetic forms and rules to go along with them, but you don’t even need to understand those. The rhyming schemes and conventions pale in importance to what you’re seeking. You’re not looking for accolades or trying to get published. You want to express and ease the pain of heartache, just letting it go as it comes. If you happen to be one of the people who likes the rules of poetry, that is okay too. For some people, it’s actually helpful in getting those feelings out. It’s up to you.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why a heartbroken poem helps to deal with divorce or break up. Getting over the pain of a broken heart is nearly impossible without facing the pain. Most people have the urge to run from it, but that will only leave you with baggage that gets carried into your next relationship. Many people turn to a therapist or Life Coach to help them overcome a broken heart and rebuild their lives; but even then the pain must be faced.

Confronting the pain is difficult, but it is not optional if you really want to heal and prepare yourself to move past heartache. So how do you get started? Just get something to write with and start writing. Imagine what’s going on in your heart right now. Think of images and words that describe the essence of what you’re feeling. Whatever works for you is fine because a heartbroken person can’t write a heartbroken poem wrong. What comes up is what’s inside of you and that’s all that matters.

As you write, just remember that you’re doing this for your own benefit. Instead of trying to sound like your favorite poet, just be yourself. You may even want to try writing everything down and restructuring it into a poetic form later. Either way is fine.

When you’ve completed one poem, feel free to write another and another. You may notice that different elements of your pain come up-maybe pity, then regret, then fear, then a glimmer of hope. Just keep writing, purging whatever feelings bubble up to the surface. What you may be pleased to find is that you eventually feel lighter. At some point, your poems may reflect an inner sunrise instead of the dark hole of a broken heart.

Once you’ve written the poems, it’s time to decide what you’ll do with them. Many people prefer to keep these in a private place, but you can also share them anonymously on websites for others to find comfort in your words.

What started as a heartbreak poem may transform into something that shows how far you’ve come. If you share it, those advantages are multiplied in ways you never dreamed of when you began writing to release the pain. Above all, remember that your poems are a gift to yourself. May you always be inspired when you read them, realizing that you can overcome even the darkest of days.

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