5 Websites in Finding Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

With the use of the internet today, wherein, according to the “Digital in 2017 Global Overview” by We Are Social and Hootsuite, a whopping 58{b8199d4e76d5c4c4a9fa89ec04f495f77a40e6e04d2b7b455e3b26e8fd6a6d2e} of the Philippines’ total population, have access to the internet. Filipinos usually go online to communicate in several social media platforms on the average of 8 hours and 59 minutes every day.

Different contents, both visual and graphical, are dominant across different platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It provides information that either is beneficial or not. Online users, including you, only take this information for granted, without realizing that spending time on the internet can also pave a way to earning money. By that, did you know that there are companies and organizations present in the online world offering jobs while you are in the comfort of your home and just surfing the internet?

That makes you be a Virtual Assistant.

VA, in short, as defined by thebalance.com, refers to the people who provide support services to other businesses from a remote location. In our scenario, working as a VA at your house, or even in your favorite coffee shop. And here are five websites that can debut your career as a Virtual Assistant.

1. Knights of Online Marketers

It offers business consultancy and internet marketing services to the different clients across the globe. Online training is also held depending on the schedule and slot availability which is conducted by Miss Piper Ramboanga. She is passionate and generous in sharing her knowledge dealing with Virtual Assistant. For more information, just ping a message on the page, and we’re all set!

2. JobStreet

Tagged as the No.1 job site in the Philippines. Just key in the word “Virtual Assistant” on the search bar, and voila! There are several offerings posted, and you can choose your preferred job. Depending on the company postings, it will require some educational background and technical specializations needed for the job.

3. Upwork.com

A friend of mine recommended this page and helped her compensate her studies. Upon visiting the page, you will see certain categories and choose a job that is suitable for your skills. Skills include Website, Mobile, and Software development; IT and Networking; Data Science and Analytics; Engineering and Architecture; Design and Creative; Writing; Translation; Legal; Admin Support; Customer Service; Sales and Marketing; and Accounting and Consulting.

4. OnlineJobs.ph

OnlineJobs.ph is a Filipino job board that caters exclusively to remote online work opportunities. It is useful for those people finding extra jobs for generating additional income. Several companies like Speedo, Google, Uber, and ABS-CBN are recruiting Filipino virtual assistant workers on Online Jobs PH. Clients are usually finding programmers, consultants, content writers, and designers.

5. Task Bullet

TaskBullet is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines with US-sales offices in California and Utah. Founded in 2012, it has quickly been a leader in the industry. It uses Bucket System where the VA will purchase working hours in exchange for an output need to be accomplished and given to the client. Using this website is very quick and easy, and usually can give you tasks on the same day you sign up.

Bee Gees Manager, Robert Stigwood, once said, “We believe in working hard and having fun at the same time. It’s a way of life for me, and I feel tremendous.” Working in the comfort of your home may become your new routine. So, what are you waiting? Start browsing these virtual assistant companies listed on the list and maybe you will discover your new bliss being a virtual assistant.

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