3 Healing Concepts – Divine Help for Today’s Ailments

If you’re really sick, what do you do? You may feel scared. You might wonder if your long term health is compromised. What will happen if you don’t receive skilled and effective help? And, as a worst case scenario, could you become an invalid -or even- (gulp) die?

Don’t allow yourself to give in to such negative worries. Turning toward life-altering illness and away from an attitude of health can be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. We all want to be physically healthy and recover from whatever ails us. However, it’s not only the physical dimension of illness that matters. Consider this quote from Ordered to Return: My Life After Dying by George G. Ritchie, Jr., MD.,

When you get out on the frontiers of human suffering, it throws you (right) back into the arms of God.

It’s fair to interpret the author to mean that many times we must seek divine help to fully heal. To Dr. Ritchie that place and/or act of healing originates with God. Take a moment to consider your body and how it is supposed to function: it heals from a simple cut, but can it heal from a stab wound, pneumonia or a broken bone? How about allergies, the flu or irritable bowel syndrome?


Your body may have impaired memory of exactly how to proceed with a particular health challenge. It is innately intelligent and uses its internal guidance system to call upon the best healing sources.

The Best Healing Resource is God.

As we seek the best avenues for healing and call for God’s intervention, we discover that healing happens on a multi-dimensional basis: mind, body and spirit. (See the reference below about ELT, a new health protocol that uses spiritual and energy concepts to heal the physical body and the mind.)

CONCEPT #2: None of us possess the ability to manifest healing by and only of ourself.

If you (the patient) heal, it is because you are a child of God and you possess the abilities that He gave you. Plus, you receive healing as a gift, as an act of mercy and sometimes after special entreaty for Divine intervention. Does that mean that you do not participate in the healing process? Of course not. Awareness and involvement are critical to 100{b8199d4e76d5c4c4a9fa89ec04f495f77a40e6e04d2b7b455e3b26e8fd6a6d2e} healing.

We’re fortunate that God designed our bodies to heal. Many times this is spontaneous and complete. Yet, when we need extra help, there are people who show up in our lives and act as healing helpers: doctors, therapists, and others trained in the healing arts.

If you are really sick from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Allergies, Cancer, AIDS or some other terrible condition, you’re probably looking for timely, helpful information. Chronic illnesses, especially the ones that compromise your lifestyle and/or others that can lead to total disability or death, feel like walking death sentences. You want to get better fast, yet the answers may seem elusive.

In a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Support Group that I ran for five years, we used to joke about a tongue-in-cheek doctor visit scenario:

The patient speaks up, “Doctor, I need your help. I need answers now. What is wrong with me?”

“Ma’am, it’s a good news/ bad news situation. First the good news. You have (blank- fill in the name of either illness). You’re not going to die.”

The woman smiles, but then worry lines appear on her face. “Okay, but what’s the bad news?”

The doctor replies blandly, “You have (blank) and you’re not going to die.”

(The woman stares into space….)

This may seem a bit silly, but living with a chronic illness can be a tough row to hoe. Sometimes you may not die from an illness, but living with it is pure torture. Humor helps to deflect the barbs of those rough times until the better ones come along.

CONCEPT #3: Explore many different routes that lead to “healing.”

Why? Isn’t all healing the same? Because the body is innately intelligent, it can work with and use all kinds of information. Don’t be afraid to look into different healing mechanisms. In the holisitic health field, there are numerous possibilities.

As my grandma used to say, ‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat.’

Long ago, I took handfuls of pills and vitamins to keep going. Today, that isn’t necessary. This concept of self-discovery and investigation can work for anyone. With divine guidance, good research and using your gut instinct, figure out if someone, a service or a product is the genuine article or not. Be courageous. Explore various healing protocols to see which ones will help you start the process of really getting well.

(Note: I went through such an ordeal and I’m grateful for the entire 15 year experience. I had been sick, sick, sick with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and autoimmune illnesses. After receiving the ELT (Essential Life Therapy) protocol, I’m now healthy, working as an ELT Practitioner and loving life again. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had gone through such a horrible illness on such a personal level.)

Working with the spiritual, energetic and healing components of a technique like ELT, may enable your health to improve, too- like mine did- dramatically and quickly! I left pain, exhausting fatigue, and other problems behind.

Final Instruction: Move forward. Find a good avenue to health and begin walking it right away.

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