25 Common Theta Healing Practices

These are 25 common theta healing practices. A theta healing practitioner can accomplish all of the following and more in person, on the phone or over the internet.

1. Reading
This is the most common practice of a theta healer; it is done in almost every single session. It is very similar to a psychic reading and can be done over the phone or internet. As with almost every TH activity, the client must give permission, relax, eyes close and allow the reading to take place.

2. Healing
This is THE MAIN purpose of any TH session. Healings take many forms from physical, to emotional, and spiritual. TH practitioners do not heal. The Creator does all the healings. The Creator does all the healings. The Creator does all the healings. Practitioners facilitate a healing with belief work, pray for the healing and then witness the healing.

3. Opening Your Psychic Centers
The psychic centers can be opened through the process of opening the chakras. We all have several psychic sense-chakra connections: prophetic sense-prophetic chakra, clairvoyant sense-clairvoyant chakra (the third eye), empathic sense-solar plexus chakra, and clairaudient sense.

4. Beliefs Changes
With theta healing all healings are possible. Some clients may not heal because of negative or dis-empowering beliefs. This energy modality is the easiest and fastest means to reprogram the subconscious mind. I prepared a previous article on the subconscious mind and belief changes.

5. Feelings download
It is incredible to believe but we can now download what anything feels like in a fraction of a second. Without theta healing a person would spend a lifetime and still not experience many positive feelings and emotions; these can be downloaded to the subconscious mind in seconds using TH!

6. Multiple Personality Disorder
A client with this disorder can be cured with TH.

7. Clear Free Floating Memories
During an unconscious state (general anesthesia, major accidents, violent crime, and so on) the door to the subconscious is wide open to the five senses. Whatever negativity entered during the unconscious state can resurface when and negatively impact a person’s life. Like most TH practices, it is easy for the Creator to clear free floating memories.

8. Converse with your Guardian Angels
Generally speaking we all have at least two to four guardian angels. You can speak to them through a TH practitioner.

9. Clear Wayward Spirits
After death there is a light path (column, tunnel, wave, rainbow, etc.) to the Creator. Some spirits do not find or choose not to follow this light for numerous reasons. They are called waywards. Waywards are attracted to your light and may drain your energy. This energy drain then leads to many problems.

10. Removal of the Fallen and Demonic Possession
Fallens are demons. Some people are possessed with a fallen and need an exorcism by a theta practitioner. This is a surprisingly simple process in contrast to what is dramatizes in horror movies.

11. Clearing Psychic Attacks and Breaking Psychic Hooks
Psychic Attacks are negative thought forms sent to you from other people or spirits, intentional or not; they need to be cleared. Hooks are energetic bonds towards another person you feel strong emotions towards (emotions like pity, empathy, concern, etc.).

12. Send out a call out for Your Soul Mate
Prepare a list of qualities you want in your soul mate and a theta practitioner will send out a call on your behalf to the Creator; a call for your most compatible soul mate.

13. Manifesting
We all have many desires and things we want in our life. A practitioner can send out a call to draw same into your life. This prayer is similar to the soul mate call.

14. Future Reading
If you know your future, let a practitioner help. The future is not set; it can be changed..

15. DNA activation, DNA repair (gene replacement) and Reversal of the Aging Process
Please read my article on this topic.

16. Clearing Radiation
Cell phones are just one source of radiation poisoning. Every single electronic device, large or small, home, auto, work, public or private, personal or commercial, all emit radiation and radiation can cause cancer. Clear unwanted radiation often.

17. Cleansing and Belief Work on Non-organic materials
All objects (our homes, vehicles, clothing, electronics, and so on) have consciousness and this consciousness can be cleansed and imprinted with a new one. Objects may also have ghost imprints (non-spirit “haunting”) that need to be cleared.

18. Removal of Curses
A curse is a bad spell. You may be cursed by someone in this lifetime or you may have inherited a curse that is being passed down through your genes. Clearing these by the Creator is simple.

19. Removal of Implants
This is a hot debatable topic. The important thing is if the subconscious thinks it is an implant that should not be in the body (for example, non-legitimate surgical implants), then it needs to be removed energetically.

20. Heal Animals and Communicate with Animals
Animals are intelligent and creative; not robotic, instinct-only driven. Owners of pets need belief work done on them first before the animal is healed; an animal can heal rapidly.

21. Retrieve Your Soul Fragments
Soul fragments are lost pieces of soul energy from an intense past relationship. You may have lost soul fragments to another or you may have soul fragments belonging to someone else. Soul fragments need to be returned to the rightful owner because they are draining on the psyche.

22. Perform an Energetic Divorce
Energetic divorces may be required after a physical divorce or the end of a very close relationship.

23. Normalize Brain Chemicals
This is especially important in persons suffering from mood disorders (depression, obsessive-compulsive and manic disorders).

24. Send Love to a Baby in the Womb
Please refer to 25.

25. Heal A Broken Soul
This simple process can have a dramatic impact on the person’s life and other healing work.

There you have it. 25 of the most common Theta Healing Practices.

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